Ok hopeless blogging

Well I am a useless blogger but here goes. I have absolutely no clue what I will be putting on here, random thoughts, blabbering, most likely emotional outbursts when im having tantrums with stuff and of course random shit i make in Second Life. This is basically the reason i started blogging as im sucha sticky beak and perv at other peoples blogs for whatever reason it would be good to actually have something else to do when im bored. oh!

Funky Linden Profile
random pic of me in a barrel with the oldest linden profile ive ever seen lol….the life of a grid monkey is amazing, honestly you’d have to be bored outta your mind to do this wouldnt you? And why am i dressed in a demo skin and a barrel? Apparently SL hit 20k of concurrent users about that time and clothing wouldnt rezz….so i decided to become a barrell girl/munky/kitty type thing…I know stupid thing to do but i if i wanna go wander the grid…then i need to “dress” up for it =P…It will be the new fashion! Gad i really need to not do this when im sleepy n have crunchy eyes….bye for now!


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