I’m Melting….

ok so its hot, summer sucks and the humidity is insane.  Not only that i feel like im freakin melting but my puter does too.  And did.  sighs…it is no more. So i had to rush out n buy a new one that well in my opinion rocks.  ok so its a compaq…not a best choice but the hardware weeeeeeee…

AMD 64×2 dual core processor 4200+ 991mhz, 2 gig of ram, a 7600 nvidia card with 512 mb of ram and a 250gb hd…and i got myself a new monitor so when my eyes get used to the colors im sure it will be fine….a samsung syncmaster 931bw.

ok i splurged but yanno  its a new year….imma be able to pay it off eventually and it was “needed”.

im sure the salesguy creamed himself when i was telling him my requirements…but hey it was worth it…

*kisses puter nini*


2 Responses

  1. Gah I’m glad you finally got a new computer, my foot was starting to hurt from kicking sl in the nads all the time for you…. LOL

  2. Since your melting Im going to take away that little dog you took as well.

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