God finally…

Ok im slack, slack in writing blogs and diarising stuff….always have been…but over the past couple of days ive been working on ads for my shapes that im gonna sell at Imogen with Haver <3.  Hated the first lot that i did…they didnt pop…so i decided to redo them. You ever find that decisions are easy to make…not so easy to carry out? Im like the queen of procrastination! so here’s the first ad i did…which is ok but sucky..


and here is the new ad..


I think im also gonna do a before and after shot…from a couple of standard linden avs that u can choose from when u join, not that some of them are completely bad…but yanno who wants to look like everyone else out there.

But on the whole im liking the new ad a heap better and omg the name…god yanno how hard it is to come up with an original name these days?  I have never bought a shape…but noticed that they are either descriptions or like body types…i had to come up with something…my first run was like ok i can mash up the build prim names and use part of those…but er that sucked hardcore…not that anyone told me till afterwards *glares@ people*.

So nowww the names are like the brand with erm yea its gonna sound utterly stupid but the numbers are like song lengths…figured it would be somewhat easier to remember. That and it looks so much freakin better and i didnt do the “damian” or “gangsta” route.  So a teensy tiny bit of originality.

ok this post is like drivel…publish time =P


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