er i forgot to blog?

Ok well i did get some stuff done, and piled on more for myself as is my right lol.  I am official tester of products and makin sure they work yay me!  Been basically doing a lot of wandering and not a lot creatively….well as creative as building and shaping gets.  I feel im kinda in a funk at the moment…but i guess ill get there.  I have like some of the most talented people surrounding me so i figure if i keep rubbing against em…mebbe hopefully some of that will rub off on me.  I did get my form shapes done,  now going to attack jesse aitui’s skins coz they have the most interesting shading on them ever.  Really cut body and angled faces…so tahts going to be a challenge but i love a challenge.

Also thinking about redesigning lemon and popping them in different locations to widen up the net for snagging sales.  We make awesome shapes.. haver just rocks on the gurls and i love making guys in sl look somewhat normal…so we should be by rights killin it…but popped into a shape place today…saw what i could see…1k for a no mod, no trans shape….and a “styling” card.  like jesus christ…do we have to charge that much to make it worth our while?  Surely we can like totally rock the place without having 100 slider shoulders and boobs out there.

What else…oh rl im possibly moving house shortly so gotta get into connections with fone etc and hopefully my isp will move with me…if not ill have to sort something else out.  I adore moving totally…this is gonna be interesting coz the first time in six years imma be living with someone else…omg imma have to wear clothing round the house n such…=/

upside of moving imma have running cold water…yay…and lower electric bills….anddddddd a laundry again so no draggin my shit all over the place to clean my undies.  downside….i have to pack boxes, unpack boxes and clean this shitful place i call home.


nope definately worth the move i might actually keep the snippet of sanity i have left. =P


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