Half Moon Sunday

I was driving home tonight and kept catching something out of the corner of my eye.  When i took the time to look it was the moon…sort of always chasing me and catching my eye.  It’s a half moon today…i love half moons because they hint of what is to come with the silhouette of the other side just visible.  I find that more and more these days i dont get to take the time or i just dont take the time to look around me and notice what is going on.  Simple things…maybe its time to take things back to basics with everything.  If at all possible i would like to just sit and take the time to watch the moon and stars, the way light plays on leaves throughout the day, listen to the birds without the roar of traffic.  We all seem to be so busy doing whatever we do that we dont take notice of the things that matter.  The big things and we stress so much about small things that it isnt worth it….nor should it be worth it.  So i’m finding my way back to the basic things..



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