good god long time tween drinks

okies well…i’m lazy or something. I havent posted because its like posting for no reason but now i have one!

I have come up with a shape that is for larger women with an absolutely gorgeous face, one of which i love to wear but unfortunately comes with its own challenges.  I found that most poses really do not suit the av but have been working in conjuction with Iris Ophelia to come up with a working AO (which should be set for sale soon)  to go with the shape, which will take all the hassle out of finding poses that actually work.

Also discovered another skin that would possibly work with it nicely which is tuli’s new range and oh so sweet with light freckles and gorgeous makeup.  Also her clothing goes really well with the shape too.  I named it spin spin sugar because she’s sweet.

Spin Spin Sugar

Anyhow check it out!


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