yay stuffs!

ok i didnt die im just mega lazy posting blogs…they are like a diary and me n diaries never got on well….but besides all that and the flu that i have got (ever felt like a constant snot factory?) i have new stuffs to blog…YaY!!!

statementr.jpg      statementpg.jpg       fuseneck.jpg        fragility.jpg ok first up jewellery,  we have some necklaces and bracelets. the statement ones are texture changing bands with 8 different textures to choose from that is menu driven…YaY.  The fuse and fragility sets are cute and choker style and definately unisex.  These will not size down but will go up. Cute n funky.

bags…..hmm well i made these bags as a messenger style bag they come in 6 diff types of the same style.  Silly name but rockin bags thats for sure.hamb-bag.jpg

Hair…omg hair…i dunno why i torture myself but i really really wanna get this down.  I am actually proud of both these styles, inspired by some pictures of harajuku girls.


okies thats it lotsa stuff go check it


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