few more things that have gone up in pe!!

ok picture spam time…new stuff is up!

studcuff.jpgspikecuff.jpg  mocuff.jpg

double banded and buckled wrist cuffs in 3 different styles, each style comes in 2 different colors…black n brown leather

next up!


the Kitty Carry-All, has a kitty/bear toy in the back and is color changeable with 8 diff textures/colors.  Different little badges adorn the bag and full custom textures on this! yay, just a way cute backpack.

and finally…yea i keep stabbing at it…hair! i reworked all my textures again so im happier with them now and did a full head of hair without wanting to commit suicide…that part was reserved for retexturing the hair o.O

holy damn thats a pain in the butt…anywho Madelene comes in a hat/hair combo (hat has 8 different texture colors in it) or just plain, a gorgeous curly hair with sweeping bangs and available in 7 different colors.


Also the store in Plio has now got a vendor in it with my belts and a couple of bags as i was running out of prims so dont freak out if they arent in plain sight…look for the arrows and tap away till you find what you’re after.

bye for now =]


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