Weee…I just noticed that the blog was added to the fashion world feed!

I make accessories and hair for my store Philotic Energy and have a good range for both guys and girls. I’m going to repost the ads i have on the blog already for the latest stuff i have put out for you guys to see.  I am on a hair kick at the moment and learning as i go.  Heaps of fun!

I have also been working on more colours and came up with 6 different tip colours on black based hair, a different brown thats a tad lighter than what i have already and a silver colour to offset the white i have.  I’m currently working on a different blonde so hopefully soon i’ll have shades of blonde as well.

okies picture time!

tipcolours.jpg my tip colours.  I’m really happy with the way these turned out and am currently in the process of retexturing the hair i have already to include these.




Hopefully if my isp doesn’t keep playing up i will have some more releases by the end of the week.  All these are exclusive to the Imogen sim.


One Response

  1. Aems, I can’t believe you had a blog all this time and /never/ told me. Forshame!

    Your hair is going “off the charts”, Aems. It’s really nicely made and thanks for showing the male avs some love. ❤

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