Halloween freebies and a great AO!

Ok so i was looking around for something to possibly use for fashion models and yea there are all the same old poses which, don’t get me wrong are still great, but not what i was looking for. So a friend suggested i go to Torrid Midnights place for her Runway AO. This AO is so good i wanted to take pics n share =P. It has 2 different walks, the turns and also each pose is animated so it goes thru basically two poses in one. Freakin great idea!! So here are the pics for those…


3 of the stands in the AO


2 walks ( i adore the hand on the hip walk) and another pose…

oh did i mention this only costs L$400? It’s all set up in a wet ikon AO so wear and run with it. This has to be a god send for those people who do fashion shows and modelling alike and it was just what i was looking for =].

Also i have some ‘ween freebies for sale for L$0 at Lemon and Doll City locations, just click on the pumpkin and buy for your scarf and beanie set that is tintable (in case you dont like orange)! Check my picks for a tp there.


anyhow im working on more hair at the moment and will release them later this week


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