2 Boys and 2 Girls for this week and a rave

I have 4 new hairs this week. Two girls and two boys!
First off the girls, Miki is an upside down braid that hangs at your neck and has a spray out of hair at the ends with sweeping bangs, really cute to dress up or down.

Second is Nat, a shoulder length bob which is sweet.

The boys are both short styles this week, Faris with short bangs


and Darien that is swept back off the face with lots of “texture” to it.


All these are available at Imogen.

Now for my lil rave, I first saw the ECLM (extremely lazy coloring machine) by KStarfire Rich on a couple of blogs and was like i wonder if that would help. Now i’m an absolute tard when it comes to scripty things…hover text scripts i can do well =P. I got it and was like erm okies…but never fear…KStarfire took me through it bit by bit, explained it to me on levels even a script tard can understand and omg i love it. I am never letting it go and it’s now my baby.

I got full support from KStarfire and he checks up on me to make sure i can use it properly and if i have any questions he’s so quick with answers. This is the bestest thing since the cube was invented i am not kidding you. Pop in the hair and out it comes in all the colours, all linked and named! Anyhow i loves it and if you want easy peasy retexturing done over a ton of prims i would suggest that you get it. *now goes back to snuggle with my elcm*


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