4 new up

2 boys 2 girls….well if ur like me u pinch the boys hair as well…coz i swear Indy rocks on me as well as the boys…anywho…picture spam time!





The two billies are slightly different, not just resized to fit a boy head…i originally made billie for the girls but as i was flipping through shapes to go to make boys hair i had billie on and went hey not bad…so fixed up what needed to be done and yay got a boys hair out of it.

i found this pic of a ninja girl cartoon…and liked her hair so eira was born out of it…not so ninjaish but if i had done exactly like the cartoon…totally freaky…

oh and 5 new colours are up too! i was requested to make some new ones so birthed these out

kohl-dark but not black
blush- pink
sandy blonde…its a more golden blonde for those who dont like the lighter ones.

enough rambling go check em out if you want….Philotic Energy


6 Responses

  1. I love to see new short styles – and that Billie is cute!! nice one 🙂

  2. thank you !! 🙂

  3. well i bought the billie and it is cute 🙂 but wow the ariadne you have in the store i LOVE – this ones staying on for a while!! i also love the kohl colour such a nice change from straight black.

  4. yay!! ty Swaffette =]

  5. You are so tagged Aem!

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