hair hair hair …. YAY!


finally new house = new hair…i got done moving and did some new hairs…

Jet- based of a final fantasy character…wild hair with goggles


Iseult- high hair with a sculpty headband


Holly- pigtails with goggles on top


Jyoti- half up half down hair with lots of flex and cute bangs


and another dollarbie up….Eliane a nice ponytail….


all at the store….Philotic Energy and remember to hit up the subscribe-o-matic  to join the group!!



3 Responses

  1. […] has 4 new ones this week, too. Aemelia Case, Philotic Energy, dug around and came up with a lot of new hairstyles , […]

  2. What skin do you have on in the Iseult hair? 🙂 And what eyes are those? So pretty 🙂

  3. hiya Stacy, the skin is from Tuli and is the S4 with taupe lips/smokey eyes. The eyes are from Sin skins in obsidian and yes they are both gorgeous =]

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