tankles…now in sl

I know second life is kinda real but it would be nice if they didnt bring in water retention as well in grid updates! So i was attempting to get more girly by buying a pair of ankle boots….picked up some demos and went to try them on. Shoe base change…and omg i get tankles! Tried changing pants, shoes even took the shoe base off…i still have tankles. Now i have my av on a low salt diet and she is going to go for a long workout…




6 Responses

  1. /nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I am not logging in without a diuretic

  2. /me tosses you a pack…you might need them with the lag =P

  3. Lolz…that happened to me too. Fooked up leggies.

  4. LOL Nice! I think it’s time to bring out some leg warmers!

  5. Oh. My. That is serious. Good luck on getting them back to normal — or just wear long skirts until they are LOL

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