4 new up in the store

ok well valentines day and me have never gotten along well….EVER! So instead of lovely romantic hairs…i made emo/punkish ones instead to celebrate Anti Valentines day =].

First up is Orli..a punk do with one side longer than the other and spiky bits all up the back


then Niela. A cute emo please dont hurt me hair with sculpty flowers on it that change colours


Also Melantha which is a long messy do with bangs over one eye so you can peep out on the worlds wrong doings


then lastly i have Qamra. A very cute black cat eared beanie with a broken heart on the front of it


In celebration of all things er emo/punk there are 4 colours to go with the anti V day hair- Shocking pink, Goblin green, Grape and Smalt (blue) .

All can be found at the store in Imogen

PS I sent out a group only gift of Melantha in Auburn so if you arent part of the group yet go to the store and hit up the subscribeomatic there.  It will be in history for about a week =].



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