1 day to open

haha i keep panicking thinking im missing things before i open so while i run around like a headless chook ill repost the sale info

Please Miss can i ‘ave some more sale

The Details:
This sale applies to items purchased at the Philotic Energy main store in Imogen on February 23rd, 2008 from 5 pm SLT to 24th Feb 11:59 pm SLT only.

To qualify, buy one color hair style (not multipacks/shabang packs) or one accessory item and receive a gift card of equal value free.
(Example: Buy “Rhosyn” in “Black” for $150 L and receive a gift card for $150 L free.)

To receive your gift card, please copy and paste the information below into a note card and rename it “Please Miss can {your name here} have some more…? This information must be completely filled out to ensure you receive your gift card. Please send your completed note card to Aemilia Case and allow 48 hours for delivery.

Full SL Name:
Item Purchased:
Price of Item:
Transaction No.:

Now this could be a lagfest so try and be calm, wait patiently as possible and have fun =]. Also for sensibility sake i dont mind if u come naked, ruthed or whatever but try n keep the attachments to a minimum it helps everyone else.




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