weeeeee pose discovery

ok so im a pose collector, i have poses from everywhere…its like a compulsion.  If a pose stand is out i jump on it  immediately and just buy.  So i want to share this latest place i found with poses that were fantastic for me (also has cute wings and other bits and pieces there).  Neurotic is the place to go for some cute sits, natural stands and great fly animations (the hover is so sweet!)   I have pictures…they dont do a lot of justice for the poses and its probably best to see them in person but check the pics out anyway =]

neuralposes-1.jpg      neuralposes-2.jpg    neuralposes-3.jpg   neuralposes-4.jpg <<cute lil hover!!

Best of all she went through them and picked out a 10 pack of stands for L$950 and the 4 pack of fly animations (fly up, down, fly and hover) for L$250 saved my lazy butt from picking them. She also sells them singly as well.


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  1. *grins* ty

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