~Payne and Despair~ *NEW* Couples Pose Series

Jonny Dusk has hit the mark with these poses….ones that convey a lot of different emotions and different to the “normal” couple poses on the market. If nothing else at least visit the place and check them out. Trust me they rock. Not only has he done 3 new sets…there are 9 others to check out. I stole this from his forum ad because it is something that I couldn’t put into words better myself.

“Inspired by the Pain and Despair of Family departed, Friends lost, Love unrealized. Times like these many often turn inward, and it is this Pain that can bring a creativity unparalleled. In the encompassing Despair, one’s often more receptive to the cries of others, and Music can be a double edged sword of self healing, and sometimes dire consequences.”Payne and Despair – Couple Pose Series and SetsA new set of Song Inspired poses: 3 female and 3 male, pre-matched into 3 sets:~ “Laid Underneath the Stars” ~
inspired by the “Somewhere Out There”, by Our Lady Peace.
Floating: is Payne – “Lookin down on me (lost in space)”
Laying: is Despair – “Laid underneath the stars (,strung out and feelin grey)”

~ “Hanging by a Moment” ~
inspired by the “Hanging By A Moment”, by Lifehouse.
Right: is Despair – “Hanging by a moment here with you”
Left: is Payne – “Hanging by a moment here with you (b)”

~ “Falling out of Reach” ~
inspired by the “Somewhere Out There”, by Our Lady Peace.
Left: is Despair – “I know your out there”
Right: is Payne – “Falling out of reach, defying gravity”

Pose sets available to DEMO. Individual poses will be available.

Available at: ~the Beach Oblivion~ Ahndang

pnd_ad_forum_laidstar_01.jpg pnd_ad_forum_hanging_01.jpg



5 Responses

  1. Johnny dusk finally released something semi interesting. Better than his ripped off guns with crap textures. I really am tired of people stealing these poses though or guns or ideas from Anime. Why can’t people just be original? Cause they have no real ability.

  2. Originality depends only on the character of the drawing and the vision peculiar to each artist.
    ~Georges Seurat

    nuff said

  3. Glad you like it there “Knockdown”. Now, anytime you feel like being a real human being, instead of anonymously spineless, your more then welcome to come show me your guns and poses. Ripped off, not sure what that implies, they are Replicas of the guns used in Trigun? Admittedly and in honor of. Well I personally did the texturing on them, so not sure where that’s from. And now “Stealing these poses”? Uh, ya ask anyone, including me, and there going to say, yes, these are poses of Anime characters, Comic Book characters, Video characters, Actual Fashion Models photo shoots, etc.. So as for the “stealing”? I again, personally pose every pose I have, exception to date is the Pixel Antics series which are motion capture. Not sure where your legal pretense is here for slander me and falsely accusing me of theft of any kind. Therefore said “Knockdown”? it may behove you to take caution in what it is you say about other people, especially in a public forum.

    And now from me to you. If you have some kinda problem with my stuff, no need come and play games on someones blog. You silly ass bitch, EVERYONE knows where to find Dog!!! Your just jealous and evidently have very low self esteem, not even man/woman/child enough to come see me, probably some assclown who’s all in my nutz in person anyway. Hey homeslice, get a life!!! You want to play games you come see me, and bring “your” skillz so I can embarrass the living piss outta ya. No further comment here, you know where Dog is. vvvv Cave Canum, Para Bellum vvvv

  4. AMAZING poses. I love Jonny’s work, and these are of the high quality and originality I’ve come to expect from him. Definitely a leader in his field.

  5. Yo Johnny. You do appear to have a tendency for stealing. You get real defensive of this too when accused and many people seem to me unfamiliar with the franchises you borrow from because your palette is empty so you seek to take others work. Don\’t worry though, you are on our list for almost one year to this date. What you took from us is being taken from you or actually returned to us, but you don\’t know of it, just like we did not know at first until informants came forward. Don\’t post the Latin, I don\’t speak it. Yes we have a HQ where I am located.

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