YaY for new stuffage.

i have 2 new hair’s out and 3 accessories (getting back to my roots).

Deschanel is similar to Melantha so before i get hit with IM’s sayin that yes it is….It’s named after Ivey from Sn@tch who got excited bout betty style bangs so i whipped this up for her.


then Kyeema which is aboriginal for kangaroo (in one of the dialects).  Fun fun style that im running around in constantly at the moment.


the accessories!!

chainage for the people i say….and slap a nice bloody heart on a hook…its art!  Comes in either a belt or a holster style.



also made some new legwarmers with spikes, barbes and they are sculpty!! yay for that….also have a texture change in them so if you dont like black hit up a different colour. These are menu driven goodness.  The warmers are seperate so you can do odd colours as well.  Want black n purple go for it =P


the hearts on chains are available at a couple of locations, hair in the normal spot

 Philotic Energy  – Hair and accessories

The Beach Oblivion -heart onna chain stuffage

thats it for now

❤ aems


3 Responses

  1. Deschanel looks great!!

  2. thanks ana!

  3. Kyeema is fab! Now to go blow all my lindens 😉

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