3 new hairs out

YaY for getting stuff done finally…well i kinda had 2 out forgot to blog them…bad aems bad!

3 hairs out at the store…workin on more when SL allows me to move prims \o/

so i have Wyuna..inspired by a few things…just cute lil buns around the head with lots of lil barettes/clips.


Xantha- punky do that rocks my socks …i love this one

Aloysia- she was a famous warrior maiden, according to my name page that i grabbed it from. The hair suits the name with sculpty axe with bladed pinwheel and it verges on couture. Check it out anywho…it is a two tone hair btw. Black and Kohl are blonde contrasted, the other colours are black contrast.


Anyways ty for looking
❤ Aems

landmarky below

Philotic Energy

Oh I also have a RFL kiosk in the store so if you feel like donating please do.


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