4 new styles for Hairy hair day

ok i have no clue…i suck at naming stuffs hence the odd title

but! i do have 4 new styles up. Rolling on…


Incencia is a shoulder length hair with swept bangs, way cute


my homage to Abby from NCIS (tv show) with many thanks to Shelly Toonie from Moonshine for my lab coat! <3, this has some sculpt parts in it


this hair is for the lass who is to blame for unleashing me on SL, she brought me in from There and this is a request from her. Also has some sculpty parts.


the unisex style (plz note its made on a boy size head), short and a lil tousled on top.

thats it so far…still workin on bits n pieces

Philotic Energy    <<linky thingy



5 Responses

  1. Look at your rolling out the content left and right! I’m especially in love with Kalia, it looks so spunky!

  2. aww ty so much Ros ❤

  3. Me too! Kalia looks amazing!!

  4. Kalia looks fantastic on. I’d so do me.

  5. lol ty guys and yes shell id do ya too

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