hair, accessories and hunt stuffs!

ok im lazy….just gonna copy n paste the notecard and this is longggg so imma put a cut in now so i don’t spam the feed, yes this means u needa click the thingy to get to the bloggy to see =P

Few new things out today….

For the geisha in you i made a hair with sculpty flowers thru it…Akina which is supposed to mean “a spring flower”

Also something else thats kinda “otherwordly” …Titania…funky do with flexi bits and something different =P

A suggestion from a friend of mine was to take out the longer parts of Melantha coz it looked good like that…so i did and i haz a push hair now…

Accessories!! (yup more of em)

ok for some reason i felt there were not enough wings inworld lol, made these which are aems style.
Bone wings in 4 different texture types to suit whatever av. There are 3 different attachments in the set…a headpiece, spinal attachment and the wings and u can buy them seperately.

Also collar/chokers. One of them has a skull, 2 are hearts…1 black (for those with that kinda heart) and one deep red.

ok spammy enough? naw i dont think so not yet…

I’m also part of the Red Stick International Animation Festival Grid-Wide Hunt!! I have 4 sticks out…3 instore and one floating around the area outside….no im not gonna tell you where coz it’s a hunt and i will be movin em around daily =P . It goes for a week so there is plenty of time to go hunting and each stick costs a big fat $0. I have 2 hairs-1 boys 1 girls….an exclusive to the hunt backpack and a set of eyes. If you dont want these…there are 49 other designers with stuffage in the hunt its HUGE!!

store landmarky
red stick start point (get ur notecard with locations of everyone here)

Have fun and be patient with stuffs….!!!


Edit: apparently i managed to spam the feed anyways…sorry =/


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  1. Push looks so cute!!

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