5 new styles up at the store!

It’s spring in the northern hemisphere….autumn here so I figured caps were the way for both seasons…speaking of caps i have much ❤ and thanks for vas legend for the caps. If you want just a plain version of them go to Angry Monkey and grab up his…they rocketh.

okies so i have girly caps….3 different styles coz i couldnt choose between them

cute plaits with hair escaping the cap at the front
pigtails with sculpty hair pieces and a little flex in the piggies

short wild hair with flex thru it.

just short hair under a cap for the boys

and lastly but not least Mani, a messy side ponytail with sculpty bits in it.

big shout out to Rose Farina of Rose Petal Creations for my sexy purple shorts, Arcane and Fleur skins rock my world and Ivey from Sn@tch for the wonderfully vomitous colours in  Jinx.

Store linky thingy <<click it…yanno you want to =]



3 Responses

  1. these r adorable…esp mani!

  2. You are AWESOME and I miss you…al the new hair looks AMAZING as usual!!!

    ❤ haver

  3. yay ty zaara

    Haver i miss you tooooo…..you are totally awesome!

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