new hair, new textures, slightly new look

Finally I have the new textures done, have redone some hair and done 5 new ones…there are a lot to still retexture so there is a big mix at the store…but as time marches on they will be swapped over. There are color demo’s on the wall that u can get in color ranges. All hair now comes in a solid and 2 tips (black and white). On to the new hair!

Cordi II is the full head of hair instead of being tucked under a cap.

Micha is named after shelly from Moonshine…who without her help and encouragement thru the whole retexturing process i would have gone insane…way cute french twist /sidepony.

rae has been kicking it round my inventory for a couple of months, before the hair retexture saga…she never got released so this is a short mussy style.

Rhodri was born from making the Gearshift hoodie hair…i got a lot of requests for it to be a full head of hair and had always had that intention…so this is it. totally unisex and thank you to the sexy sylar boyd for being my hot model

Saxon is emo, unisex, hot, slightly messy hair. Again mwah to sylar!

ok so thats the new stuff, couple of redos, fixes and remakes of the other hair, some of it was straight retexturing. yay finally!!

slurl to the store

thats it for now



6 Responses

  1. Thank you for the hairs you sent out to fashcon!!! They were really cute ^_^

  2. ty melanie =] glad u liked them

  3. They are deh kyootz, girlie! =D

  4. grinz ty ty tuli =]]

  5. I have too many favorites! Yer killin me!

  6. Well done, Aems! 😉
    Can’t wait to see the other creations and I’m really glad to have you in my project!
    You rock!!!!! ^^

    Add my blog to your blogroll, if u have time… tnx sweetheart!

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