Heya people

small release, lots more revamped and some piercings!

I released a couple of hairs

Courtnay II was made for a friend of mine who wanted the original courtnay with a shorter pony and no bits hanging off the sides…ive been slack and workin on it off n on so finally finished that off after months lol.

clothing by refuge, skin by blowpop

Tara is another hair pulled off the forehead just straight.

clothing by B@reRose, skin by gala phoenix

Eileen is a long ponytail with great movement

clothing by Reaction, skin by blowpop

Revamped a few more styles taht are now out n around the place. My group got given a gift of a hair and some bangles (which will be out later on in the week) which will be kept in the subscribeomatic for a couple of days. One of my faves would be this….who doesnt love a combat geisha?

clothing by hanzo blades armory, skin by trap (love this skin to death)

The facial piercings are also very simple, no bling (sorry i just couldnt do it) but again i needed some and couldnt find what i wanted so went ahead and made those. So this is just a small sample pic of a few of the ones i did

skin by mina junk

Still working on lots and getting busier for hair fair in which i will be participating yay!

Anywho it’s all at the store…releasing some simple bangles later this week

come visit!

Philotic Energy



One Response

  1. Akina is awesome !! love that look… keep the good work Aemilia

    BTW, I add you to my new blog 🙂

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