Couple more hairs and bangles

*slaps self on wrist for being behind with stuff*

couple more hairs for you and some simple bangles

Tovi is a hair thats been in my inventory for ages,  i originally wasnt going to release it but was asked to by several people. It’s unisex, messy, flexy hair thats kinda funky.

Rajani is wilde pigtails, the ribbons are color change so just hit those up for the menu for a lot of different colours.  i think the bangs on this hair is like my fave.

And the bangles that ive been slack bout releasing but theres the 4 colours (rust, onyx, gold and silver), bangles are 50L each and they are cute, simple and all ya need for something that isnt a billion bits in one

much thanks to Reaction for the cute cute dress in the bangles ad

still workin on lots but feel like im wading thru mud and cycling backwards trying to get everything done YaY!

please to enjoy funky hairs. (SLURL here)



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