new stuff and a revamp

wee ok got hair for hair fair done anddddd got a couple new and one revamp done to release finally….seeing as u cant see the hair for hair fair till 24 hrs before hand (yes thats teasing i know) have these 3?


– k so people keep asking me for ariadne, and considering it was the first hair that i made it was erm looking like that so i revamped it and its neater! weeee and in my opinion looks a lot better

– I was asked to do a hair with the cap backwards on tressa, so basically instead of just flipping it and going deal with it…i pretty much redid it.  It is named after the person who suggested it so thank you Serenity!

– Nova is a short do with texture changeable hair sections, you get 12 diff hair color options 1 of them is to set it back to original. I think this is totally adorable.

ok so thats the 3 so far,  and im working on quite a few more.

come on over to the store and check em out =]



2 Responses

  1. I definitely must stop by Philotic Energy! These hairstyles are the cutest!!

  2. thanks ana!

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