Winners for the October Flickr contest

Ok, we have a winner for the contest.  Damn it was close and hard to pick…o.O, I would have picked a lot of them if i could have, sadly I am not the judge (did that on purpose for less bias) andddddd there also can only be one winner.


Congratulations Achariya Maktoum, She sent in a couple of entries and this was picked by all 3 judges.  (Thankyou Stephanie Misfit, Swirly Cyclone and Dakota Buck)


Achariya wins a Fatpack of hair of her choice and this lovely picture is going to be displayed for November in the main store.


A couple of special mentions for another couple of shots that we were very impressed with (all of the pictures were brilliant but these poked out to the judges as well)

Lewis Luminos with his great shot. 


and also Svetlana Ihnen with this great picture.


The new theme is Freedom for November, please check the flickr page for rules and the november theme discussion, click here


Thank you everyone for participating and I look forward to seeing some more fantastic pictures this month.




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