No i’m not dead…=P 


I do have a couple of hairs released for you guys tho, (finally).  I was working on a build for someone that took a lot longer than i expected so i do apologise for that and my lack of updates/communication.


On the upside, couple of cute ones.


Ember- I did this for Crimson Shadow, cute, gothy bun hair with length to it




Zoey- Short, razor cut.



 Both out at the main store now!!

 Taxi to funky hair


 Also the new flickr competition is up, so check that out. The topic is freedom and i would love to see your pics up there.  

Philotic Energy Flickr Group


 much love



3 Responses

  1. omg Zoey is teh SEX ❤ ❤ ❤ hair & I’m not a short haired chick ;p


  2. ❤ Noodle, ty!

  3. yummy! they are the hawtest. ❤

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