Xmas freebie and stuff

The Winter Magic event at Black Swan started today/yesterday and I am proud to have two hairs there.  There are so many talented designers in this with gorgeous creations so do go check it out.  I have a girls and a guys (gasp, shock, horror) there.


Whether you are a prince or a pauper, Philotic Energy’s Derek will complete your ensemble. An old world style gentleman’s wig, pulled back with a tie to feature your fine brow and a defining widow’s peak. Loose tendrils escape throughout the hair and frame your robust features. Perfect for 17th and 18th century roleplay and yet casual enough for every day, Derek is classic, simple and uncompromising. Make a powerful statement with this magnificent men’s hair.


Inspired by 18th century french aristocratic glamour, Odette is an extravagant updo with rambling coils and curls pilled atop the head. Fans of fringe, wisps and strands slip loosely around the neck and drape into a full side pony tail. Delicate pearls and streaks of hair thread through the curls adding to the look of oppulence. Display a shapely neck and elegant jewelry with Odette, a coif perfect for off shoulder gowns and period dress. Add a little magic to your winter.

Both these styles are available at Black Swan only.

Faery Sola decided i needed to be less bah humbug about christmas and gave me some gorgeous filigree earrings that she hand drew to pair up with a hair for a christmas freebie.   This is in the store on the new wall, the hair is Rae,  in a mochachino colour, a lovely brown with lighter streaks through it.


Credits:Derek-Avid clothing, Dernier Cri skin, Reel Expression pose

Odette: Silent Sparrow clothing, La Sylphide skin, Reel Expression pose

Xmas freeb: Tuli skin, Bare Rose clothing, Reel Expression pose

Oh also, if you stuck around long enough to read this far…I have a haggle box in the store….try n beat down the price to get a hair gift certificate for 2 hair styles valued at L$398.  If you keep haggling long enough you can get those for a pretty decent price 😉

wow 2 blog posts in one week woot!


ps: thank you ivey for the spruce up on my bland descriptions =]


One Response

  1. the new hairstyles are the cutest!
    *haz my wine Odette*

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