Lotta new

Woot, 5…thats right 5 new hairs released!!

First off the rank…Portia

Gorgeous updo with a hair knot on the side and a hibiscus accenting it.

Next up is Fern with sexy side swept bangs and mid length, full of flex and gorgeous


Then we have Jessica, another long long do with a headband (tint to your own coloring) and straight whispy bangs.  Innocence and sex rolled into one.  Plurk helped me name this one so thank you all the people on there, i now have an abundance of names to choose from.


Odile is a wonderful do with 2 big buns contained by hair wrappings around it, V shaped bangs  and big barrettes.  I love this one.


Last but not least is Stephanie, named for a very good friend of mine.  Gorgeous hairline sweeping back into curls piled on top of the head with strands draping down the back.  Dress up casual wear or go to the ball with this one.


I will also be having a sale in the next couple of days so  keep your ears open for that!!

Come and check these out…Philotic Energy

❤ Aems


7 Responses

  1. lovely work Aems ♥

    xox Sasy xox

  2. thank you Sasy ❤

  3. Just love Stephanie!!


  5. I love the Fern style!

  6. thank you 🙂

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