New hair and a movie!!

These collab’s are getting lots of fun.  I am proud to have been involved with Shelly Toonie from Moonshine, Luth Brodie from Reel Expression and the awesome Sound’r crew who do fantastic machinma.

Sloane is short, wispy and full of tude.  Great girls hair


Jake is another short one for the guys, this i really like and might wander around as a boy for a bit 😉


Luth made a butt load of poses for this and Shelly made the fantastic clothing!  We all had heaps of fun bein movie stars and big thanks go out to the Sound’r crew, Mewsic Bing, Ghost Harris and last but coz she’s the prettiest Willow Caldera for making an awesome movie.

Come check it out

Store Taxi



5 Responses

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  2. Most. Fun. Ever.
    Oh and I haven’t taken the hair off yet!

  3. tons of fun srsly 🙂

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