Vendor support month

Oh Hai there!

I am proud to be part of Vendor Support Month and be included with the wonderful talent that is also participating.   In short form it’s a 10L hunt of 50 supporters who have agreed to display one quality gift to participants.

No more running and searching for a box – this gift will be displayed in the open with an image of what is being presented, bringing the focus to the quality and display of the item, while allowing the customer to browse the rest of the store. (yes pinched that part from the blog)

This runs the whole month of June.


For my part of this is 2 hairs, one guys and one girls. You get both for 10L.  Big thankyou to Shelly for modelling with me in this.

Massive thanks go to Morrigan and Yukio who have worked very hard on pulling this together.

If you don’t want I have to offer please go see the other 49 vendors as I am sure they will have something that will suit you.  Particpating vendors can be found on the VSM blog.

Store taxi



2 Responses

  1. Such a great idea! Thanks for the link to all the participants..I need to check out those deals

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