Hair fair auction hair

Hair Fair starts 20th of june and I am participating. Rather than mush the feed with my hairs at this point in time,  I would like to urge people to check out the auction hairs at the fair.  There are some great designers doing it and all proceeds go to locks of love.  I have done a hair with exclusive textures on it.  Exclusive meaning i have never released anything in this, in fact i made it specially for this auction.

Pepper is a hair i have made for hair fair,  this is the only one with this texture on it…kinda funky/punky and awesome.  3 different colors, black bleeding to bright orange bleeding to my eyes are dying  pink.  This is an auction only hair color,  if however you want something more “normal” go to my booth and buy up.  If you want this color?  auction away and auction hard!

Taxi to auction area

PE Pepper Auction Hair




4 Responses

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  2. there are many hair colors out there but i alway prefere blondes`*-

  3. i really like to color my hair and i would love to try different hair colors specially auburn ~,`

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