New hair and jewellery


Sooo ok helloween isn’t a big deal in Australia at all,  so i kinda poked around and found some background to it.  I have made a couple of hairs relating to halloween/samhain just for fun.


First up is a witchy hair, cute piggy tail buns with a fantastic hat that has different color textures on touch.


Next up is a pumpkin vine hair with a few rats poking around in it.  The pumpkin vine color shown is a special for halloween and the only two hairs that will come that green :D.  The skin shown in the ad Nuuna Nitely made and she has some halloween skins out in the store near the hair for free (also she is teh awesome).

Now i loveddddd the witchy hair so much i did it without the hat too…so we have twig snap


Also I have loved the tree of life for ages and had my go at making it inworld.  This gorgeous pendant has color change leaves on touch.


All available now at Fusemelon, come check it out 😀

Oh also I have a VIP Fusemelon group, there is a group joiner poster in the store.  This group will cost 150L to join and i will regularly pop out specials for that group.  Yes it will take up an inworld slot.  Yes you will get group exclusive colors etc.



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