Deader than You Tour

Soooooo if you don’t know by now you NEED to know this.   The Deader than you tour is rockin off…it finishes 31st of October yup halloween you can no longer swap your bats for anything anywhere at all.

How it works:

1. buy stuff at any of the stores on the tour with bats in it (bats? wtf?  yes bats, these are tokens are lil pieces of lovings for you, that you then do stuffage with but it isnt compulsory and no pressure to do anything with)

2. You turn the token bats in for COOL STUFF before the end of the month.  Each store has cool shit you can get for the tokens.  You can only get these prizes for the  bats (zomg the bats again they wont go away) you give back to the store owner.  (confused yet? dont worry you get a notecard to splain all this with the bats)

3.  You are happy, we’re happy, everyone is happy.

Tokens are redeemable at ANY store along the tour, so you can turn in tokens you bought from this store somewhere else. All token items come with a token bat that can be redeemed for really nifty prizes. All token items have an explanation of how to redeem the bats. Bats can only be redeemed by the stores included on the tour.  IE: buy stuff from my store with bats in it you can redeem them at Silent Sparrow…nother example buy stuff at Sn@tch and redeem at Schadenfreude.  You can redeem it at ANY STORE (yes really).  what you can’t do is ask me for someone elses prizes.  I dont have em 😛
Now go. Buy. Redeem yourself and your bats.

I have these things for prizes:

tokens 1 bat

tokens 5 bat

tokens 10 bat

Stores on the tour are:


Otaku Designs

The Stringer Mausoleum










Silent Sparrow

Material Squirrel


^^ too much awesome srsly


2 Responses

  1. Hope there are items for men. 😉

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