Philotic Energy flows

Ok bad title…could i really stretch myself anymore? probably is the answer…i think im trying to find a niche somewhere and in the texture learning curve i made accessories…in that yes..another store =P

It’s called philotic energy and has some great bags and belts in it at this stage.  Mostly my own textures and im really proud of them.  A friend is letting me use his land for the store so its only little at this stage but hopefully i can come up with more stuff.

Philotic Energy

check the pics !

  1. philotic-energy-ad1.jpg
  2. philotic-energy-ad2.jpg

brickz and mortar

Well i kinda decided to set for sale my lil prefab storefronts…see how they do.  I did some with standard textures in game that ya find everywhere and have decided that since my texturing skills are getting better to do the rest in my own textures.  So i have a mix of a couple of the two styles.  The store is called Brickz and is set up at Jubata.  There are a few builds there at the moment for the downtown series and i am planning on doing more.  They are an urban feel with different sizes set up and all low prim.

So far the response has been great so thank you to all those that bought them so far. Anyhoo if ya feel like checkin em out go for it.

Lily Allen- smile….great song..check it

Half Moon Sunday

I was driving home tonight and kept catching something out of the corner of my eye.  When i took the time to look it was the moon…sort of always chasing me and catching my eye.  It’s a half moon today…i love half moons because they hint of what is to come with the silhouette of the other side just visible.  I find that more and more these days i dont get to take the time or i just dont take the time to look around me and notice what is going on.  Simple things…maybe its time to take things back to basics with everything.  If at all possible i would like to just sit and take the time to watch the moon and stars, the way light plays on leaves throughout the day, listen to the birds without the roar of traffic.  We all seem to be so busy doing whatever we do that we dont take notice of the things that matter.  The big things and we stress so much about small things that it isnt worth it….nor should it be worth it.  So i’m finding my way back to the basic things..


YaY for bein accident prone!

ok havent had a nice accident for a while just the usual lil nicks n cuts n stuff i get, so i guess im overdue for something decent….behold my purdy swollen hand


no my hand is not normally this fat….i somehow sprained it flattening boxes at work bah!

so i feel like an utter spaz typin with one full hand and a couple of fingers its gonna be an interesting weekend

I’m Melting….

ok so its hot, summer sucks and the humidity is insane.  Not only that i feel like im freakin melting but my puter does too.  And did.  sighs…it is no more. So i had to rush out n buy a new one that well in my opinion rocks.  ok so its a compaq…not a best choice but the hardware weeeeeeee…

AMD 64×2 dual core processor 4200+ 991mhz, 2 gig of ram, a 7600 nvidia card with 512 mb of ram and a 250gb hd…and i got myself a new monitor so when my eyes get used to the colors im sure it will be fine….a samsung syncmaster 931bw.

ok i splurged but yanno  its a new year….imma be able to pay it off eventually and it was “needed”.

im sure the salesguy creamed himself when i was telling him my requirements…but hey it was worth it…

*kisses puter nini*