Yay awesomeness


Ok so this will be a lengthy update.   The gist of it is PE has moved to a new sim with reduced stock ,  I have lots and lots of new things out under a new name, Fusemelon which shares the same sim as PE.

There is an opening party today, if you cant make those times just drop in and check out the whole sim, the opening gift will be out for a few days.  It’s in a few places around the store and looks like this:

fusemelon opening bag_001

In that you will find hair  in a special color not in the hair selection and tshirts.
Yes both guys and girls stuff in there.

Sharing some space with me on the sim are some totally awesome stores, i have Sn@tch, Gauze, SLink, Sugarmill Poses and Sound’r (they make awesome machinma).

I changed the name of the store for a few reasons, but thats what it will be from now on and i love it 😀

Onto the good stuff!!

8 new hairs, new textures, and color demo’s available.

I have clothing, jewellery, eyes, bags…all new and fun.  Some of it shown in the piccie below.

selection of stuffs

I hope that you will love the new store as much as i do and come and explore the sim.



News and opening

*waves from under prims*

So hmm news.  I have a new name for the store,  Fusemelon.  I’ll still be making hair, amongst other things.

The gorgeous build was done by Omaire Abattoir and Ravyn Hynes  (O-magine Homeworks and Mudhoney Designs respectively)  These guys saved my sanity and did a brilliant job.  Thank you so much.

The new store is opening on Thursday 24th September SLT.  I have only a small amount of stock out at the moment but I hope that you will go look see the new sim.

There is Philotic Energy, Sn@tch, Gauze with SLink, Sugarmill Poses and Sound’r coming to play with me on the sim.  So you are all invited to come look, I’ll have an opening gift for guys n dolls out.

Fusemelon Opening


Final Days of Sale

For those of you who were putting off coming, I am pulling all the old hair from sale on Monday.  I will not be able to give these out afterwards as my burgeoning inventory hates me and wants these gone too  ;).   So its last days on the sale.  Come n get em while you can.

Ride to store


Retirement Sale and News


retirement sale

Well it’s gotten to that point,  I am having a retirement sale.  (Makes it clearer, its retiring the hair not me) Any hair left in the store is marked down to 50L, fatpacks at 500L.   I am making space and going to move to a new sim shortly.  These hairs once retired will not be revived, so if you havent got them and want them, go grab them.

The sale is going to last until I delete them, so one week maybe two.

Store Taxi

Have fun!!

❤ Aems


Long time since I made contact with my group (or anyone else o.O), I’m still alive and working hard on getting new product up n running.

But it’s my birthday, so i put out a box full of goodies in the store (sitting on a bench in the middle somewhere there). bday box_001 <<see looks like that 😛

In the box is 8 hairs, 4 guys, 4 girls, a collar that can be for both sexes, and a couple of bags just for fun.

50l for the lot if you so want it.

😀 have a lovely night/day and i’ll be leaving that box out until Monday (SLT)


❤ aems

Public transport system (may run slow) to the store

Hair Fair releases

I have five hairs at the Hair Fair booth, click here for a slurl,  now for the hairs!






Both Keeva and Lilya have texture change parts so you aren’t stuck with the colours on the ad.  If you dont like what i have to offer i urge you to go visit the other 130 odd designers participating!  Lots of fantastic designs out there.


Hair fair auction hair

Hair Fair starts 20th of june and I am participating. Rather than mush the feed with my hairs at this point in time,  I would like to urge people to check out the auction hairs at the fair.  There are some great designers doing it and all proceeds go to locks of love.  I have done a hair with exclusive textures on it.  Exclusive meaning i have never released anything in this, in fact i made it specially for this auction.

Pepper is a hair i have made for hair fair,  this is the only one with this texture on it…kinda funky/punky and awesome.  3 different colors, black bleeding to bright orange bleeding to my eyes are dying  pink.  This is an auction only hair color,  if however you want something more “normal” go to my booth and buy up.  If you want this color?  auction away and auction hard!

Taxi to auction area

PE Pepper Auction Hair