SL daily deals for tuesday from ME :D

Wow long time no hear from me huh?  Things have become a bit hectic first life but hey its that time of year and whatnot!!
Onto the fun stuff. I’m part of the SL daily deals,  <<great idea from Luna and Express.  Keep your eye out on it for awesome deals.
For one day only..(yup read that as one and that would be today, Tuesday midnight to midnight) you can get this fun outfit for only $300l and it comes with a ton of stuff srsly.
This is only available on Tuesday 29th of December, midnight to midnight so come get it.
You get:
Pinstripe skirt
Silver leaf halter
OTK black wooly socks
Silver chain drop pendant
Seeking me hair in storm

MelonBall outfit

Total awesome in an outfit for just one day available at Fusemelon…come get it NOW !!

sekret skwirrel shhhh


sekret skwirrel

For the next couple of days I have a set a few things in Fusemelon  for sale,   won’t tell you what items I reduced in price though! You’ll have to find them yourself because they’re ridiculously cheap now!
Fusemelon Taxi

The items I put for sale were reduced to anywhere between 50L and … get this: 15L!  To make it even more interesting…I also did this at Philotic Energy! 😉

Philotic Energy Taxi

If this goes well, I’ll be doing this on a weekly basis i think.  Just need to figure out a good day to do it.

The sale items will not be out on Monday so you know.

Worth poking around I think 🙂

Also if you love haunted areas,  Ivey and Roblem have created the most awesome spaceship area,  3 months of love and attention go into this creation but it also has a veritable shit ton of freebies poking around in the build.  I pinched the following blurb from Ivey’s blog :
This is not a “hunt” this is an interactive and immersive game with puzzles and prizes. It will not be easy or quick. The puzzles are simple yet slightly challenging and it may take some time to get through, so plan for at least an hour when you come in order to finish. We hope that you enjoy what we’ve worked so hard to put together with a lot of love for the holiday and for horror games and films as well as our customers and visitors. We also hope you will really like the items so generously donated by our vendors and friends and visit their stores and tell YOUR friends to come enjoy it too.

Go check it out just for the awesomeness and to kill a few hrs and have a bloody good time doing it.   I have a few things out in that as well.

New Eden Embarcation Center


Final Days of Sale

For those of you who were putting off coming, I am pulling all the old hair from sale on Monday.  I will not be able to give these out afterwards as my burgeoning inventory hates me and wants these gone too  ;).   So its last days on the sale.  Come n get em while you can.

Ride to store



Woot!!  I’m having a sale currently at my main store.  The hairs  range between 99 to 199.   All shabang packs are not for sale nor are the new releases at this time but there is a lot to choose from regardless.  Go wild, have fun and drop a notecard or IM me if you have any problems.


Taxi to the store